IIMPACT 2016: REimagining and REinventing a Large Scale Event Experience


The Pan-IIM Alumni Singapore hosted the 3rd global edition of IIMPACT at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore in 2016. With the theme “RE”, the prestigious event explored the concept of RE-imagining and RE-inventing the pursuit of happiness through the circles of personal life, professional work and societal impact.

The event brought together thought leaders from all walks of life as well. The Guest of Honour Mr. Heng Swee Keat, Singapore’s Minister for Finance, and speakers like Piyush Gupta, CEO of the DBS group, attended the prestigious event.


IIMPACT 2016 brought many challenges to the event planners due to the sheer scale and complexity of the event:

  • 1400 registered attendees
    With overseas delegates
  • Personalized name badge printing on demand
    This included onsite registration for delegates
  • A gala dinner with assigned tables

Complexity of Ticket Categories

The most pressing and obvious challenge was the requirement to accommodate different ticket categories for an event of that size. The list of categories were:

  • Local Alumni
  • Overseas Alumni
  • VIPs
  • Guests
  • Sponsors
  • Speakers
  • Event Crew
  • Organizing Committee

Each category would have their own ticket type due to the different prices, and in some instances more than one ticket would have to be accommodated as attendees could buy extra tickets to bring additional guests with them.

The Onsite Experience

Long queues and irritated delegates seemed like real possibilities for IIMPACT 2016. Setting up an efficient check-in booth system that would allow a smooth and fast check-in process experience for the attendees was crucial for the event organizers.

To overcome these challenges that were faced during the 2nd edition of IIMPACT, GEVME was selected as The Event Management and Marketing Software to bring IIMPACT 2016 to light.

Actions & Results

Full Control on Ticket Access

Using GEVME, event planners were able to easily create a total of 24 ticket types with different registration forms. For attendee categories like Speakers and Event Crew, complimentary tickets could also be issued simply by setting the price to zero.

Having so many category tickets meant that there were different tickets at different prices on sale at the same time. To prevent people from taking advantage of the lower price of some categories they were not supposed to access, tickets were made private and only accessible to the right invitees. Only when accessed through a special link sent via email could someone register for his or her specific ticket. Copying the URL and sending it to a friend would simply not work. The URL was tied to the email.

Smart Lists to Facilitate Targeted Communication with Invitees

Each category effectively doubled the work needed to be done on the event planners’ end. It was simply not possible to blast a generic email to all the attendees across all categories. Each attendee category had to be sent a specific email with a specific link for the correct ticket type. As there were 8 categories of attendees, the event planning team had to segment them effectively.

GEVME’s Smart List function streamlined the whole process of sending targeted emails to specific groups of invitees. Imported invitees could be listed under the correct categories immediately. This gave planners the ability to create different email campaigns for different categories of invitees.

Unlike the Static List, a Smart List meant that the list would automatically grow without any manual data entry done by an event planner. For example, anyone who registered as an Alumnus would instantly be added to the Alumni Smart List. The event planner never had to worry about the email campaign not being blasted to the latest list of Alumni.

Marketing of IIMPACT 2016 was thus made simpler and more effective with the use of smart listing by sending the correct message to the correct people.

Flexible Ticketing System for Elaborate Pricing Strategy

To get as many attendees as possible, the event organizer made full use of GEVME’s ticketing. Early Bird tickets were offered at discounted prices with scheduled ticket sales opening and ending. On top of allowing the creation of 24 ticket types with different prices, using GEVME also allowed the use of promotional codes to provide even more flexibility for the1 event organizer. Giving that last nudge to boost ticket sales, promo codes were sent to specific invitees to help them make a decision. Promo codes could also be sent for groups to purchase – or even simply getting a full table at the Gala dinner. Changing the price of ticket through GEVME was instant, allowing the price of tickets to be reduced throughout the event.

The flexibility of the ticketing system allowed the event planner to be creative with the pricing strategy.

A Smooth Check-In Experience for Delegates

Using GEVME’s onsite features, 4 Self Check-In counters were set up to allow attendees to check-in with their tickets – and without assistance. For attendees who forgot to bring their tickets, they would be directed to 3 other counters assigned to set to Manual Check-In mode. This mode allows staff to check-in attendees by performing a quick name search.

The event setup also required the flexibility of switching between Self Check-In mode and Manual Search. When the line of people with QR codes started to get longer, Manual Check-In counters were switched to check people with QR codes in. The flexibility of the system prevented the appearance of long queues and disgruntled attendees.

GEVME Check-In Setup for IIMPACT 2016

Printing On Demand For Attendee Name Badges

Traditionally when name badges are issued at an event, they are pre-printed beforehand and given to the attendee on the event day. The benefits of printing on demand were numerous as the event planner found out when using GEVME’s onsite features.

  1. Short Check-In Times
    For IIMPACT 2016, the total time taken for an attendee to check-in, get his or her name badge printed and handed over was an average of 9 seconds. This was much faster than going through 1400 pre-printed name badges and looking for the right one to hand over to the attendee. Printing on demand greatly reduced the queues for check-in.  
  2. No Wastage of Material Due to Printing for Absentees
    Even for paid events, not all registered attendees show up on the day of the event due to numerous unforeseen circumstances. Printing on demand meant printing only the badges of attendees who came to the event. For a big event like IIMPACT with over 1400 registered attendees, even a low 10% of absentee rate would have resulted in 140 name badges being printed for nothing – a wastage avoided through the use of GEVME’s onsite feature.  
  3. Reprinting of Lost or Damaged Name Badges
    Being a two day event, attendees were expected to bring their name badges on the second day. Should a name badge be misplaced, damaged or forgotten, name badges were reprinted on the spot easily for attendees.  
  4. Amending Details on Name Badges
    One of the main highlights of IIMPACT 2016 was the opportunity to mingle and connect with esteemed and reputable professionals during networking sessions. Many attendees were particular in having the correct information on their name badges – even if they were the ones made the mistakes while inputting the details. However with GEVME, it was easy to rectify the errors through the attendee management system and reprint the name badge with the right details.  
  5. Onsite Registration Made Possible
    An attendee’s name badge is the ticket to attending IIMPACT 2016. Without a name badge, access to the event is denied. Allowing people to register at the door on event day would have been impossible if the name badge of a newly registered attendee could not be printed onsite. Two counters were set up for onsite registration, where new delegates could register and make payment. After payment was confirmed, their name badges were printed and handed to them for event access.

Highly Customized Name Badges

Thanks to the ability of printing customized fields on name badges with GEVME, important data was made printable on the IIMPACT name badge. The usual attendee name and company name of attendees were selected for networking purposes, but more importantly, a unique barcode was generated to track an attendee’s session check-in. Each attendee walking in or out of the event was scanned, and since all scans were logged with timestamps in the database, it made it possible to identify workshops that attracted the most amount of attendees.

Through the use of customized fields in the attendee database, event planners could assign gala dinner tables to specific attendees and enter them directly in the database. This customized field was then printed on the name badge, ensuring no attendee sat at the wrong gala table.


GEVME is a fully integrated event management and marketing software that is capable of many different use cases. With a large scale event like IIMPACT 2016, all that truly matters is how event organizers’ pain points were resolved through the creative use of our technology, creating an experience that allows organizers to own their events and wow their attendees.


GEVME is the cloud-based solution for your event marketing and management needs. Simplify your organizing processes by using key productivity tools available on a simple platform.

Go through the different stages of event management with everything you need in one place:

  • Start event pages easily.
  • Create a frictionless online registration experience.
  • Run responsive email marketing campaigns.
  • Make event onsite check-ins seamless.
  • Get feedback to craft better events in the future.

From start to finish, GEVME makes event management easy. Enhance the overall event planning and client experience.

Power your event experiences – anywhere, anytime.

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