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Raven Chai, together with a group of passionate professional designers and student volunteers, founded User Experience Singapore (UXSG) in 2012. UXSG serves as a platform to facilitate conversations and exchange ideas among UX professionals, designers, developers and business owners within the industry. UXSG holds bi-monthly meet-ups and organized two UX conferences in 2013 and 2014 that attracted more than 250 professionals and experts from over 20 countries each year.

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Designer turned event organizer: a steep learning curve

“I have been traveling and speaking in UX conferences in other countries but there weren’t any UX conferences in Singapore at the time.” Raven Chai told us when being asked about how the idea of the UXSG Conference came about. “We have a growing community that thrives on knowledge and connections, so I decided to take the plunge.

The first ever UXSG Conference was set to take place in 2013. As a newbie in the field,” Raven continued, “we would like to be on the safe side and chose a popular event ticketing platform, E.B. without going into what other options were available. We didn’t expect that this impulsive decision would lead to many pain points that I will mention later. The learning curve was steep.”

There is no “one size fits all” event-ticketing app

“Have you ever wondered why there are so many event ticketing apps and platforms out there? As an event organizer, how do you differentiate them? To me, the most popular is not always the best.” Raven went on to bring up the first problem he encountered in organizing UXSG 2013.

Pain Point 1

Over-simple registration forms with limited options

“We required an interactive registration form where attendees can choose from various options, from different workshops, to different cuisine choices for lunch,” he said. “This sounds simple but humans are fickle. Attendees changed their preferences at the last minute. Speakers changed workshops’ names. Restaurants reached maximum capacity of serving and stopped accepting meal orders. There were just so many permutations that the forms didn’t understand. Neither could we twist the rigid forms to work for us. They were oversimplified and thus inflexible.”

Pain Point 2

Lack of payment gateways and tax calculation in ticket prices

Raven became very energetic when he mentioned payment, emphasizing a few times that this pain point gave him so much trouble. “Since E.B. doesn’t cater to GST – which is essential for the government sector, I had to manually calculate the ticket price. Cheque as payment was not accepted and therefore handled manually. It involved hard work as 20% of my attendees were paying by cheque.

PayPal didn’t help much either when some of our attendees from Hong Kong and Indonesia couldn’t get the payment go through. Furthermore, for big organizations, it’s often not the ticket buyers who will attend. Ticket buyers could be HR or agencies. There was too much manual work and coordination just to get the ticket delivered to the attendees.”

Raven looked upset when he explained, “It was very bad because I didn’t have control over my financial accounts. I wasn’t sure how much I was earning or losing from the ticket selling. Even worse, it took me 3 weeks after the conference not doing any work, just to tally the paperwork and settle the accounts as there were so many discrepancies.”

“I would never want to experience all that again, ever.” He concluded before we moved on to how he found the solutions. “The ticketing app might be very well-known. It is well designed. It’s easy for attendees to use. Its pricing is cheap. But how would you feel wearing a pair of shoes that don’t fit? Pain.”

Hunting for the best event-ticketing platform

“We didn’t find the solutions immediately. After the conference, the bad experience kept me awake until 3am every day for three months,” Raven said, “I was thinking about backend management and scouting for better candidates.”

“We found out that despite the large number of players in the field of event ticketing, it wasn’t easy to find a suitable company for our needs. Most platforms are suited to simple and casual events”, he shared with us.

A fated meet-up with GEVME and the team

“While other [event] apps focus on attendee experience but forgot about the organizers, GEVME is built from an event organizer’s perspective. It makes life easier for us to bring the best experience to attendees,” a satisfied Raven Chai finally smiled.

Solution 1

The forms are highly customizable

User-friendly form builder

“You can create a form by simple drag-and-drop. It’s common sense and friendly to even non-tech users. Create your own fields, set criteria and the possibilities are limitless. Since we are also programmers and designers, it was pretty smooth for us to work around the features.

Logic added to forms

But even if you are unfamiliar with handling technology, there’s always ready help from the GEVME Team. They went the extra mile to help us customize a field,” Raven mentioned our CEO, Veemal Gungadin and our Creative Director, Jonathan Easton as his good friends. “They listened to our sometimes blunt feedback, assisted us relentlessly, and appreciated the chances to improve the product and user experience. They are the people who I can trust,” he added, “Compared to E.B. which is a faceless platform, the GEVME Team has passionate people who will always be there for you.” GEVME has recently launched GEVME Academy, which will further assist our customers in making the best use of the platform.

Read more about Forms in GEVME:

Solution 2

Full-fledged payment gateways for seamless payment experience

Payment methods

“This is the best thing about GEVME,” Raven remarked. “The GST was accounted. The cheques were accepted. There are separate forms for buyers and attendees. I have nothing to complain. The payment processing was well thought through. GEVME is highly suitable for government events, high value ticket events and international events in terms of payment.”

Ticket report

At GEVME, customers can set up both online and offline payment methods. Online payments include PayPal and Credit Card. There are 6 payment gateways for Credit Card option. Offline methods include Cheque, Bank Transfer, and Onsite At the Event. Hence, everything was taken into consideration. Better yet, GEVME’s advanced reporting provided the finance division with an overall report of all the transactions that have been done during the event.

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A Happy Ending

Since 2014, UXSG has been using GEVME as their only event-ticketing platform for both regular meet-ups and annual conferences. Raven Chai has become our strategic partner and one of our speakers in GEVME Exchange 2016, an annual event where we connect event management and event marketing professionals.

We’ve done a short video showing how the UXSG team was delighted to use GEVME to provide a fabulous online and onsite registration experience to the attendees in UXSG Conference 2014.

Watch it here:

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“While other [event] apps focus on attendee experience but forgot about the organizers, GEVME is built from an event organizer’s perspective.”
Raven Chai

Founder, User Experience Singapore (UXSG)

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