Event Data Management

In events, there are multiple touch points with your potential and eventual attend- ee. This range from emails, registration, payments, on-site check-in, surveys and the list goes on. Yet, event managers are often swamped by tasks such as report colla- tion, as the data collection is disparate and does not tell them the whole story. The lack of integrated data management makes operational and marketing learnings difficult and measurement of marketing ROI a tall order for event managers.

In this whitepaper, we take a look at how data can be centrally integrated to un- cover behavior trends, drive marketing performance and ultimately measure your marketing performance through data-driven analytics. All this from a centrally managed cloud-based event data management software.

The evolution of cloud and technology have advanced event technology to a state where true mobility and data management can be achieved via a single centralized platform, accessible anytime, anywhere. The future of events technology is exciting and big data will drive the future of event marketing decisions by integrating the contact touch points into a central, easy-to-manage event data management plat- form.

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