How to Collect Donations Online for Fundraising Events

Collecting Donations Online for Fundraising Events

1. Introduction

Raising awareness for your cause as a nonprofit organization is challenging enough. You don’t need the hassle of having to manage the mechanics of your fundraising events as well, that mainly being the handling of donations. Use an online events management software to help you instead — like GEVME.

How does GEVME simplify the collection of donations for events?

2. Collecting Donations Online

Having a single online portal that you can share through different communication channels will save you a lot of time by removing the need for massive amounts of paperwork.

  1. Start by creating a donation landing page with GEVME to act as your online donation gateway.
  2. Create tickets for donation amounts and pledges — or simply as event registrations to maximize the seating capacity for a fundraising dinner you might organize.
  3. Customize your donation form to capture the right information from your donors, so as to analyze your donor profiles for future fundraising campaigns.
  4. Share the event page on social media such as Facebook or Twitter, or invite potential donors to your landing page via the URL.
  5. Start fundraising for your cause!

3. Merchandise & Inventory

You can raise even more funds through the sale of merchandise specific to your cause. Provide donors with additional knowledge and awareness-raising items by offering free or paid books, apparel — even plushies (if they work for your cause.)

Use GEVME to manage your merchandise inventory and ensure there’s a good supply of resources for your donors to gain a deeper understanding of your mission — and, ideally, spread the word for you.

4. Adding Service/Admin Fees

Have additional fees you need to factor in when processing donations or merchandise purchases?

Add them as Fees in GEVME to have them automatically added to each donation collected through the landing page. This way, you don’t have to worry about miscalculations: every payment will be accounted for.

5. Donation Integration With Events Registration

What if you are organizing an event that allows attendees to make donations?

No problem. Create a specific donation field in your registration form that allows your attendees to key in the sum they wish to donate — or perhaps you could set fixed donation amounts (e.g $100, $250, etc.).

With GEVME, you can create a landing page solely for the collection of donations, or organize events that come with a donation feature.

6. Collect and Analyze Donor Profiles

Part of your fundraising campaign should be understanding the profiles of donors who feel for your cause, and analyzing their profiles has never been easier — provided you add the right questions in your GEVME donation form to capture accurate data.

Once your donors have made their donations, access Attendees in GEVME to view their information. You can see which donor profile type pledges more money, or perhaps their selection of merchandise and interests give you insights as to what inspired them to make the donation..

7. Engage Donor Segments

Once you have your donor profiles, you can engage with them in different ways based on their information. For example, perhaps you wish to send an email only to donors who pledged $500, you can create a Smart List with the filter of $500 pledges. Once done, create an email campaign that is sent only to this subset of donors.

You can engage your donor segments in other ways as well — like sending a survey to get feedback on your fundraising campaign for future improvement.

8. Processing Payments Online

Another advantage of collecting your donations online is the availability of options for the easy processing of online payments. Donors can use credit cards, PayPal, and even direct debit if necessary. GEVME tracks all financial transactions so there is no need for additional paperwork to ensure the sums match.

Online payments make it easier for donors to make donations, simplifying the process and making the experience seamless.

9. Follow-up with Pending Donations

If your total pledges collected seems lower than expected, you might want to follow up with donors who have pending donations. Simply filter for Pending Payment donors under Order Status and proceed to engage with them via email or other communications channels to check on donations.

Donors might have had some issues with their online payments, or perhaps they have yet to make offline payments. This is something you would want to be sure about, and GEVME gives you the ability to verify this information easily.

10. Generating Invoices for Tax Deduction

There will be times where your donors will request for invoices to be sent to them for tax deductions. For all donations made through GEVME, invoices are automatically generated — and even emailed to donors if you choose so.

If you need to generate an invoice for a donor, simply go to Orders and look for the donor’s profile. Then, click on the Transactions tab and print the invoice of the relevant financial transaction.

11. Conclusion

Focus on promoting your cause to the masses. By concentrating your efforts on marketing your fundraiser drive or raising awareness for your fundraiser campaign, you can create a much bigger impact. Leave the processing of donations to GEVME, and leverage our platform to get the funding you need to drive your cause.

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