Cashless Token System for National Day Heartlands Celebration 2019


The National Day Heartlands Celebration 2019 is a one day carnival organised at five heartlands across Singapore on Saturday, 10 August 2019. Singaporeans from all walks of life came together to enjoy family craft activities, interactive game booths, food stalls, exhibitions, and stage performances in these heartland celebrations.

Visitors to the carnival can purchase coupons to redeem food or participate in certain activities. These coupons can be purchased from ticketing counters located at different corners of the carnival. As part of the smart nation initiative, the Bishan Community Centre approached us to digitalise the entire process of coupon purchase and redemption for the celebration @ central.


Online purchase for coupons

In the past, the only channel for the purchase of coupon was from the ticketing counter on site. For an event which expects 40,000 attendance, the counters are often overwhelmed with queues that dissuade visitors from making a purchase. Therefore, the organiser looks for a solution which will allow visitors to help themselves with the purchase of coupons by going online.

Walk-in purchase of coupons

While we encourage the online purchase of coupons, we also recognise the preference of some visitors to make payment in cash. So, besides having an option to purchase online, the organiser also wants to provide an avenue to allow visitors to walk in, queue and make payment for the eCoupons in cash.

Encouraging engagement to educational booths

Food, drinks and certain activities booths such as pony ride and drones are popular in nature. However, there are booths in the carnival which are educational in nature and they typically suffer in getting traffic. In order to encourage visitors to interact with this booth, the organiser wants to have a lucky draw campaign which visitors will be eligible to participate after collecting 8 stamps from the participating booths.


After evaluating the requirements from the organising committee, the GSI’s product team formulated a solution by making full use of our existing platform. The solution consists of 4 applications which are seamlessly integrated together through our GEVME platform to create a positive experience for all users.


An abbreviation for my experience, myXP is a web application which visitors can access on their mobile phone. Using the application, visitors can purchase, top-up and check the balance of eCoupons. Visitors can also check the number of stamps they have collected from different booths and be prompted when they are eligible for the carnival’s lucky draw.

Figure 1.1Landing page of the visitor’s myXP App.


Figure 1.2myXP App’s homepage showing the visitor’s unique QR code.


Figure 1.3eCoupon balance and top-up screen within the myXP app.


Figure 1.4Engagement screen showing the visited booths and the progress towards winning the prize.


eCoupon Point of Sales

In order to support cash payments, we also provided the organiser with a point of sales (POS) system. The volunteers who are manning the ticketing booths used the POS to collect and record cash payments for visitors. Visitors who visit the ticketing booth their eCoupons receive SMS containing a direct link to their myXP application.

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