ASOCIO ICT Summit 2016


The Myanmar Computer Federation (MCF) and the Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO) held the ASOCIO ICT Summit in Yangon, Myanmar, between November 13 to 17 in 2016.

The theme was “Accelerate Digital Transformation through Leveraging ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Opportunities”, creating the platform to solidify the 10 ASEAN economies into a full-fledged common market.


The MCF was faced with the challenge of managing registrations – both online and onsite – for the summit.

Online & Offline Payment Methods

Payment was the biggest concern. As it was an international summit, delegates outside Myanmar preferred to use online payments. The event planners also wanted support for telegraphic transfer and onsite payment to offer flexible payments.

Sessions Check-in

The MCF also needed to have different check-in records for the main event and the gala dinner. There were 2 types of tickets to take into consideration – one for the all-day pass for delegates, and one for the guests accompanying them who could only attend the opening ceremony and the dinner.

Professional Support

As that was the first time Myanmar hosted the ASOCIO ICT Summit, it was very important they had event technology supporting the registration process and the event. Manual registrations were done onsite through paperwork and making offline payments only would be reflected poorly on the host country.


GEVME was proposed by Global Connect Asia (GCA), our supporting partner in Myanmar, to manage the whole process of event registrations and onsite engagement. The summit used GEVME’s online and onsite features, the GEVME Website Builder, staffing services, and our very own in-house video recording.

With a fully integrated online event management system in place, the whole registration and check-in process ran smoothly – without any hiccups during the entire event lifecycle.

GEVME’s flexible payment methods covered all areas of payments the delegates needed. Our reporting system could send reports of their registration data almost instantly – even reviewing payment status reports before the event day to know what was happening and making plans accordingly.

GEVME’s form builder also catered for their registration form requirements. Our customizable ticket types also allowed them to create last minute tickets onsite, such as Media, Free and Local to accommodate new attendees.

Our session check-in system allowed them to record the check-in data for the entire summit, including the gala dinner.


The online and onsite registrations ran as planned without any issues. According to the event’s statistics, 50% of the total tickets were sold using the online payment method, 40% by payment onsite, and only about 10% paid via telegraphic transfer.

We were able to send organizers different reports based on their requests at any time. Payments were handled efficiently, despite one incident where a delegate was charged twice but was able to receive a refund through GEVME. With every financial transaction recorded, the organizers were able to see what was happening for the event’s sales.

It was also a big win-win for both the MCF and GCA.

The MCF was able to run the event professionally and successfully, gaining a good image by showcasing the latest technology that proved Myanmar was a serious contender in the IT industry.

For GCA, they were able to showcase GEVME and support the summit well. Through the event, professionals in the industry now know that GCA is ready to take on not only local but also international events.

They also received great customer satisfaction from both the attendees and the event organizers. Their clients were very impressed with the event experience. GCA also supported the organizers through the entire event lifecycle, gaining trust and proving that they are a reliable and professional IT company.


With more international events happening due to developments in Myanmar’s politics and economy, GEVME and GCA are ready for the new challenges ahead. The development of offline capabilities to support events will prove to resolve problems for event planners where the internet is an issue.

With international organizers wanting local support as well, GCA aims to become the biggest one-stop event management and support company in Myanmar.


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