APMF Bali 2018


Exceptional event experiences are born from creativity and hard work. Since 2005, the APMF forum has been a platform for insightful business discussions tailored to the interests and needs of individuals from the media and communications industry. The forum gathers influential marketers, publishers, agencies, and technologists from across Southeast Asia. In 2018, we had the honour of witnessing the tremendous proficiency of the APMF team as well as assisting organisers in terms of event onsite management.

The APMF 2018 event took place on May 2–4 on Indonesia’s magical island of Bali. With over 1,200 guests attending the forum this year, the focus was placed on convenient onsite check-in and the facilitation of effective networking. Given our commitment to advanced registration technologies, we were excited to be a part of it.


Using software that would be easy to integrate not only with APMF’s internal infrastructure but also with their other tech partners, like MailTarget, was a crucial task. With GEVME’s open API and user-friendly interface, however, the challenge didn’t seem too complicated.

“We have been working with GEVME since 2016. As a technology partner, it proved to be a reliable one. Although we had one of the most complicated pricing scales, the GEVME team was ready to tackle it.” – Andi Sadha, Chairman, APMF

The second main task was ensuring a smooth, well-integrated registration journey both online and onsite for every attendee. Due to the different ticketing types and multiple event access levels, the organising team was focused on seamless name badge printing.


1. Online registration

Through GEVME Registration, we could easily put multiple ticket types at different prices on sale at the same time. The management of both payments and registrations was fully automated for the organising team.

“This tool helped us save much time. We could just clone the previous event that we organised two years ago and update it easily.”

Illyanti Lutfini,

Hospitality & Registration,

Organizing committee

2. Onsite check-in

Onsite registration setup was perfectly tailored to the size of each event and the number of guests. Whether attendees were arriving with QR codes or without them, they were checked in instantly at the assisted counters with the helpful support of professional event staff.

3. Event app

Keeping attendees informed throughout the event was one of the key priorities. Also, the team wanted to ensure that all the data would be well protected. GEVME’s event app, with its access to a user-friendly backend, helped the team maintain their connection with the guests while also handling all of the real-time updates easily.

“Compared to the solution that we used two years ago, the mobile event app from GEVME turned out to be configurable. It was crucial for us to get access to the backend system to be able to update content flexibly.”

Illyanti Lutfini,

Hospitality & Registration,

Organizing committee

4. On-demand name badge printing

Through colour-code technology and configurable designs, we were able to help the APMF team align name badges with the various attendance categories.


“GEVME is a very complete events platform—great user experience, intuitive content database management, simplified process of integration. We were able to integrate GEVME with our system in just half an hour. Seamless.”Yopie Suryadi,

Marketing & Promotion,

Organizing committee

The two fundamental results we were aiming for were an efficient use of time for the organising team and positive impressions for the guests. We were able to easily achieve these at APMF 2018. Through the automated registration of 1,200 guests on the ground, advanced integration capabilities, and easy-to-use backend access to an event app, the entire event journey was seamless.


With each new event that we take part in, we strive to not only hone our strategies but also to create genuinely unique, personalised event experiences. For us, APMF 2018 became the perfect example of an event that makes attendance impressions unforgettable for each attendee.

We are definitely looking forward to the next APMF edition to bring this already amazing experience to the next level. See you in 2020!

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