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GEVME Pricing Package


Per event usage of GEVME platform. Customize your package with the software features you need for your event.


Annual subscription for the GEVME platform. Organize as many events, big or small, using all features of GEVME.


Full GEVME license. On-site setup of the GEVME software with technical support provided. Keep all event data on your own servers.

Test out GEVME before deciding.
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What our clients are saying:

These are just a few of the testimonials and customer service reviews we get on a regular basis. We are proud to support them all.

“GEVME is a much better event registration and CRM system to have in place, instead of the old system that was cumbersome to use on the back-end.”

- Jean Ng - Manager, Market Promotions Division, International Enterprise Singapore

“Contributes tremendously in terms of time and manpower savings. I am very satisfied with the GEVME solution.”

- Charmain Lee - Senior Head (Office of Public Affairs), Supreme Court Singapore

“While other [event] apps focus on the attendee experience but forget about the organizers, GEVME is built from an event organizer’s perspective. It makes life easier for us to bring the best experience to attendees,”

- Raven Chai - Founder, UXSG

“We have loved using GEVME! It’s easy to navigate and user friendly; if we ever have a question, the GEVME team has a thorough response and are open to customizing our pages and tools. It’s been a wonderful experience.”

- Madison H - Vanderbilt University

“GEVME was easy to navigate and use. There is so much about the GEVME platform that we found smart and immensely helpful. What made our overall experience GEVME even more remarkable was the support we received from GEVME. It is hard to imagine how we would have managed our event without GEVME and there is no question that we will be using GEVME for our events going forward.”

- Cecilie Dee - Organising Committee, Milestones Weekend Retreat

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the demo?

Gain access to our full suite of applications for 15 days and experience how GEVME can power your events:

  • The Website Builder

    Create responsive event landing pages within a matter of seconds - easily customized and SEO-friendly.

  • Email Marketing

    Run automated event marketing email campaigns with precision by sending information to your selected target segments during the right times.

  • Registration

    Run different types of ticketing for your events and have invitees registering straight from your invitation emails.

  • GEVME Connect

    Create networking opportunities and connect attendees with our private one-on-one messaging system at any point of your event process.

  • Surveys

    Get feedback from your attendees while the experience is still fresh in their minds.

  • GEVME Onsite

    Create a seamless onsite experience through self-check-in booths powered by our app with name badges printed automatically, and allocate manpower with more efficiency.

I think GEVME is awesome! Can I upgrade my package?

Of course! Just contact us and we can upgrade your GEVME account almost immediately.

What methods of payment can I use to buy GEVME?

We accept bank transfers, check and Paypal.

Can I have a customized pricing package tailored with the features I need for my events?

Definitely. Our Basic Package can be customized with the specific features your event requires.

We are looking into a product where all of our clients/attendees data are stored on our intranet network. Is that possible with GEVME?

Yes, that is possible. The Enterprise Package is what you are looking for as your solution. You will get a full license to GEVME which you can install on your own servers. All collected data of your clients/attendees will be stored on your servers. Our technical support team will help you throughout the installation and maintenance process.


I organise several events every year. I do not want to go through the hassle of paying to use GEVME for every single event. What should I do?

The Unlimited Package is for you. Pay a flat annual fee and you will be able to use GEVME for as many events as you want, big or small, paid or free. It is easier and definitely more affordable for you.


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