Simplify Your Registration Workflow


Create a single registration page for your hybrid event where invitees can choose between a physical or digital track.


Registrants receive a different type of ticket with the relevant information based on the track they selected.

Seamless and Secure Check-In

Physical Check-In

Our touchless kiosks enable attendees to breeze through the check-in without ever having to touch any device other than their own. It’s faster and it’s safer.

Digital Check-In

Only registered attendees can access the event online. For enhanced security, OTP can be enforced and sharing of login details can be restricted.

A Unified Attendee Experience

Bridging the Gap

Bridge the gap between attendees joining physically and digitally. They are now able to meet and interact with each other.

Enhanced Experience

The attendee experience does not limit itself to what is on stage. Attendees can ask questions to speakers, network with others, participate in polls, check the programme and download resources.

Expertise You Can Rely On

Organising a hybrid event for the first time can feel like a daunting task. It does not have to be with our dedicated team of Digital Event Managers who will be there at every step of the journey to ensure the success of your event.

Project Management



Speaker Training


Other Use Cases

During the Event


Create an online marketplace for your
exhibitors to showcase and sell

Plan your event with the right online event management tools


Create an online marketplace for your
exhibitors to showcase and sell

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