Leads Scan App

Leads Scan App

A perfect lead collection app for exhibitors to improve individual and team performance at trade shows and conferences

Leads Scanning

Empower exhibitors’ sales teams to capture leads in the booth.

Exhibitor lead capture app enables exhibitors to capture detailed leads information instantly via their own mobile devices by scanning attendees’ name badges at event booths. Seamless setup and user-friendly design allow exhibitors and booth staff to start using the event lead capture app without additional pieces of training.

Leads Scan Features

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Leads Retrieval

Scan attendees’ name badges with smartphones and scrape detailed attendees’ information within seconds.
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Data Qualification

Qualify the scanned trade show leads within seconds: add notes, upload photos of business cards, rate prospects.
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Sales Reps Management

With the help of the Leads Scan Manager create accounts for your booth staffers and track individual and team performance
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Real-Time Reporting

Monitor a real-time performance across booth staffers. Captured leads are immediately available in the reports.

How the Leads Scan App Works

The perfect solution for exhibitors, sales reps teams, and booth managers. The leads retrieval solution has two options. The first option is “Leads Scan Manager”, which allows team leaders to manage sales reps, monitoring and tracking booth performance. The second option is the “Leads Scan Users” for team members and part time booth staffers to capture leads in the booth.

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