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48% of emails are viewed on mobile. Get that percentage to attend.

With 48% of emails being viewed on mobile platforms, tap into that stream with the GEVME email marketing tool.
  • Responsive Email
  • Selecting Target Segments
  • Add Exclusion List
  • Email Schedule Settings

Responsive Email

Ensure your emails fit different mobile device screens with the responsive design feature in GEVME.

An increasing number of emails are read on mobile devices.
With the built-in responsive email feature, your emails will always look good on different devices.

Selecting Target Segments

Tap into the right market using segmentation with static and smart lists in GEVME.

Target your email marketing better through segmentation. Send the right emails to the right folks.

Add Exclusion List

Manage your email campaigns better by adding exclusion lists in GEVME.

Exclude contacts that do not belong in certain email campaigns.

Email Schedule Settings

Simplify your email process by scheduling your emails in GEVME.

Minimise effort by planning your email campaigns ahead.
Schedule your emails to buy time for your next cup of hot beverage.