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Landing Page

Build a mobile-ready event landing page that is easy to customize.

Easily customize your mobile-ready event landing page. GEVME - International Water Week 2013
  • Responsive Landing Page
  • Consistent Look and Feel
  • Location Maps
  • Social Media Presence
  • Private Events


A responsive event landing page to fit all screens. GEVME - International Water Week 2013

Create a responsive landing page that adapts to different devices. Make your event accessible.

Consistent Look and Feel

Keep your event page consistent in its look and feel with a standard base color. GEVME - International Water Week 2013

Set the tone for your event. Use a base colour to create consistency for your attendees.

Location Map

Make finding your events easy with the GEVME location map.

Pin your event venue on the map so attendees know where the party’s at.

Social Media Presence

Share your event page on social media networks with GEVME.

Amplify your social media presence. Let attendees know where to find you on social media networks.

Private Events

Make your events private with one click in GEVME. Use invitations only - or password protect the exclusivity.

Hold an exclusive event that is hidden from the public eye.
Control how attendees gain access.