Online Registration
Merchandise Sales

Event Ticketing

Raise your ticket sales through a simplified event registration process.
Track attendee registrations and evolve your event as you go.

Simplify your entire event management experience with GEVME.

Customise Your Tickets

Drive event ticket sales using different prices and mechanisms with GEVME.

Create different tickets and prices to drive attendance to your events. Decide when and how these tickets appear - or disappear. Use GEVME promotional codes to realise your ticketing mechanics.

Payment Made Easy

Easily set up the payment settings you require with GEVME.

Simplify ticket sales with online payment methods. Include taxes or additional fees required. Follow the entire payment process for all attendees. Manage transactions on one single platform.

Onsite Ticketing

Register new attendees on event day itself with GEVME and check them in seamlessly with QR codes and barcodes.

Sell tickets onsite and receive payment. Continue your event registrations on event day. Maintain the seamless experience by checking attendees in using QR codes or barcodes.