Email Marketing
Online Registration

Event Marketing

Attract the crowd and engage them when they come knocking on your front door.

SEO-friendly Event Pages

Ensure your events are easily found on the Internet with SEO-friendly event pages in GEVME.

Create online visibility for your events. GEVME event pages are SEO-friendly straight out of the box, making your events easily found on the Internet.

Embed Widgets

Embed event widgets within your website and emails to simplify your event marketing and promotional efforts.

Cut the time of your attendee’s user journey.
Embed ticket listings or button widgets within your website or emails and simplify the event marketing process.

Integrated Email Marketing Tool

Run email campaigns directly from GEVME and remove the hassle of switching platforms for a better event management experience.

Send your email campaigns directly from GEVME. Save time and minimise the hassle of your data management.
Focus on your marketing strategies instead.

EDMs With Call-To-Action (CTA)

Get attendees to take the next step in your emails with CTA buttons.

Create interaction through CTAs placed in your emails.
Don’t leave people stranded with no next step to take.

Share Your Event

Share your event on social media networks and drive attendance to your events.

Shout your event out to the digital world through different networks.
Don’t strain your voice in the process.

Create Promotional Codes

Run promotional codes to get your attendees registering at different stages of your event marketing campaigns.

Make it worthwhile for people through offers that are only limited by your creativity.
A 99% discount just might do the trick.