Attendees Management
Event Networking

Event CRM

Collect the information of your attendees across all your events into one central database. View the entire history of your attendees to create better future event experiences.

Track your attendee’s journey from start to finish in one central database on GEVME.

Life-Time View of Your Attendees

Fine-tune your event marketing campaigns using your attendee’s data in GEVME.

Analyze how a contact has responded to your event marketing efforts. See who has responded well - and who hasn’t. Modify your future campaigns to reach out to the crowd you want.

Audit Trail

Understand your attendees by tracking their behaviors for your events in GEVME.

Follow the digital footprints of your contacts and learn from their behaviors for your next event promotion.

Client Segmentation

Segment your attendees to ensure your marketing campaigns send the right message to the right people.

Organize your contacts using existing segments or new ones for your targeted campaigns.

Direct Email

Email your attendee instantly within GEVME and save yourself the hassle of switching to a separate email tool.

Send a direct email and engage your contact immediately when sales opportunities arise.