Email Segmentation with GEVME Smart List

Automatically build a segmented target list based on user behavior or profile with GEVME Smart List and watch your list grow

Often, custom reporting to clients and management are needed and likewise, custom segmentation based on user behavior and profile are needed for better attendee conversion. With GEVME’s Smart List, automated reporting and custom segmentation can be easily done without further human intervention.

Smart List for Custom Segmentation

Assuming you want to build a segment to target your new Marketing software, you can easily built a custom segment of Marketing professionals using Smart List.

1. Select the Job Titles containing Marketing

2. Save your search as Smart List. Your Marketing Smart List will subsequently appear in your email campaigns as a list option.

Smart List for Custom Reports

If you are organizing an event for your company, your top management may be interested on how many CEOs have registered for the event. With Smart List, you can create an automated report where the number of CEOs who registered for the event is created and saved as a Smart List.

1. Select the Job Titles containing CEO

2. Your search results appear. Save your Search as a Smart List

3. Your List of CEOs will appear in your Smart List and any new CEO registrants will be automatically added to this list.