Merchandise Sales
Event CRM

Attendees Management

Easily manage attendee information through simple but powerful management tools and features.

Manage your event attendees within the GEVME using simple productivity tools and features.

Powerful Grid

Manage and access your attendees’ data easily through the GEVME grid.

Search, filter, create lists and manage your attendees and orders through the GEVME grid.

Lists Can Also Be Smart

Save your filters as smart lists that update themselves instantly with new attendee data for your event.

Categorise and manageyour attendees easily with GEVME smart lists. Put different labels on different people automatically as they register. Your smart lists are updated real-time as new relevant attendee data comes in.


Generate the reports you need for your analyses to improve your attendees’ future event experiences.

Organize your data the way you want it and export it onto your computer. Get the information you need to improve on your next event.