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Gevme Weekly
Issue 93 | July 14, 2022

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Times have changed. Just a single event in a year isn’t going to make a measurable impact in your audience’s mind. It’s also no more an age where events are simply passive — where speakers and hosts do all the talking.

Events today have to be much more interactive and engaging to cut through the noise. Constant interaction with your attendees and stakeholders can help you stay relevant in this dynamic market.  

What’s more, you need to have solid event content to grasp the attention of your audience. Keeping in mind the industry benchmarks, understanding data and leveraging technology is the way to move forward. But how do you make the most of all these resources?

In Episode 10 of Event Exchange, we invited Will Curran, Founder & Chief Event Einstein at Endless Events to spill the beans on the strategies to run hybrid events and how you can build communities. We also take a deep dive into the current event trends and how to stay unique when hosting events. Keep reading to find out more

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Watch now: Running hybrid events, building communities and other event trends

On Episode 10 of Event Exchange, we sat down with Will Curran, Founder & Chief Event Einstein at Endless Events to know how to run successful hybrid events, create communities and understand the latest event trends.
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Delays in events are sometimes inevitable. It could be due to logistics issues, a speaker was unable to show up and much more. So, how do you deal with such last-minute chaos as an event planner? In this article, get to know the best ways to tackle challenges when it comes to events and having backup solutions.

Companies are back to organising internal meetings paving the way for remote employees to get to know each other better. But unlike pre-pandemic times, this time business meetings are going to be more digital, immersive and engaging. See what experts have to say about the future of meeting rooms
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As many parts of the world now resume life like pre-pandemic times, event planners are again faced with the dilemma of whether to switch back to in-person events or continue with virtual. So should one consider a digital-first approach to hosting events in 2022 and beyond? This blog post from Gevme answers this question.
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The conventional method of ‘sending out invitations’ is no longer enough to maximise the publicity and promotion of an event. Event organisers can now leverage the help of event speakers and attendees to "get the word out". However, it’s not that easy. How can event organisers convince speakers and attendees to promote the event? Watch Episode 2 of Event Exchange to find out.
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