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Gevme Weekly
Issue 91 | June 30, 2022

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Setting up a social media page for an organisation isn’t a two-minute task. It gets even more complicated when setting up a social media page or creating posts for an upcoming event. A lot of things have to be considered: the image, the copy, the strategy and the list keeps getting longer.

It’s fair to say that social selling your events is complex, but doing it right can bring the best results to the table. Today, LinkedIn has emerged as one of the most sought-after social media platforms to promote events – especially when it comes to business conferences and meetings. One way to leverage this platform is by finding your audience, building a community around them and then inviting this audience to sign up for your upcoming event.

That might sound easy but practically, a lot of factors define the performance of your event promotion on social media platforms. Poor-quality leads, ineffective ads and low conversion rates are just some of the challenges that event professionals face.

So we have unearthed what it takes to create an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy for your events in Episode 9 of Event Exchange. In this episode, we sat down with Denis Zekic, Social Selling & Marketing Consultancy Founder at to dig deep into how you can leverage social media platforms like LinkedIn to promote your events. Keep reading to know more.

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Watch Now: Creating an Effective Linkedin Marketing Strategy for Your Events

In Episode 9 of Event Exchange, we invited Denis Zekic, Social Selling & Marketing Consultancy Founder at to understand what it takes to ace your LinkedIn marketing strategy for promoting events, building a community, engaging with the right audience and much more.
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