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Gevme Weekly
Issue 90 | June 23, 2022

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Sweaty palms and relentless fidgeting. We know how it feels just hours before your event goes live. It’s the same thing with us — only this time we can’t wait for you to join us.

With a few hours left before our big launch event – CONNECT Summer 2022, we thought of giving you a little sneak peek at what’s been happening behind the scenes.

Our team is working continuously to ensure that the moment you sign into this event, you are at the edge of your seat. To make that happen, we have levelled up our production quality and are excited for you to experience it. Since we are also unveiling our new omnichannel event platform, we’ve also ensured that our experts give you a first look at the solutions we have to help you grow, engage and monetise your audience to make your events better.

So that’s pretty much what we can tell you because a lot more exciting things are lined up at CONNECT Summer 2022. So if you or your peers haven’t registered yet, go on and do it now.

An integrated solution for all your event needs. Get started with Gevme.
Register now: CONNECT Summer 2022

Find out how to succeed with your events by adopting an omnichannel event strategy that puts your audience at the centre and building a community around your events all year round. Register now for CONNECT Summer 2022.
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Inspired by a spaceship to create a modern and futuristic look, Orion is best for events like conferences, exhibitions, multiple-track shows related to medical tech, pharmaceutical, and alike. Now take your next event out of this world.
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