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Gevme Weekly
Issue 89 | June 16, 2022

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Truth be told, there's no going back to the traditional approach to hosting events. What may have once worked out for you is now obsolete because, in the last two and a half years, attendee behaviour and demands have been altered.

Now that in-person events are back and the enthusiasm for face-to-face is evident, questions have arisen about what will happen to virtual and hybrid events. Event planners want to know which event format should they be investing in and help them emerge successful.

While there are no easy answers to this, we believe that to achieve more with your events, you have to adopt an omnichannel event strategy in which you put your audience at the centre and build a community around your events all year round.

We will be digging deeper into the omnichannel event strategy and also highlight how the new Gevme platform can help you achieve more with your events. Keep reading to register.

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Find out how to succeed with your events by adopting an omnichannel event strategy that puts your audience at the centre and building a community around your events all year round. Know how Gevme’s new omnichannel event platform is powering the future of events by enabling you to grow, engage and monetise your audience.
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In-person events are back with a new vision. Industry experts believe that the connection between stakeholders at business events will extend beyond face-to-face interactions. Data from virtual and hybrid events will help planners decide how to support the industry’s increasingly sophisticated demands and needs.

Digital connectivity at in-person events will have a major role to play. While attendees are yearning to go back to face-to-face, their experiences can be enhanced by providing digital solutions that make them comfortable as they step out of their comfort zone. In this piece, Ashley Fell shares what to expect as expect with the shift in business events.
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As more companies now have employees located globally, how can they ensure to connect effectively with them? In Episode 8 of Event Exchange, we sat down with Brynner Jananto, Head of Communications and CEO Office at LUXASIA, to learn the keys to employee engagement, internal repurposing of content, challenges and benefits of virtual engagement, and adopting an omnichannel event strategy.
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Building a community around your events helps form deeper relationships with your attendees. The best way to do this is to make your events more social. But how? In this blog post, we dig deep to tell you the impact of social walls at events and how it can transform your events and make them more engaging.
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Face-to-face events are back and event technology is becoming more important to make these events successful. Marco Giberti shares the importance of technology in the events industry and why it’s important to invest in it.

In one of her latest posts, Anca Trifan pens down the common things that speakers struggle with when it comes to virtual and hybrid events and what they can do to overcome this. Keeping the presentation short and storytelling are important aspects of engaging your audience, but there’s more.
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Inspired by one of the biggest industrial and manufacturing events in Asia, the Ultron experience brings you to the main characters of your exhibitions and tradeshows - the exhibitors and sponsors. Ideal for big conferences, exhibitions, tradeshows, and networking.
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