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Gevme Weekly                                                                                       Issue 88 | June 9, 2022

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Pulling off an event takes weeks – and sometimes months of preparation. Getting confirmation from guests, sending invitations, preparing scripts, and structuring the event content is not a one-day task. And when finally it’s the day of the event, you notice that the attendance rate is nowhere close to what you expected.

This can happen if you missed out on one of the most important tasks of your planning — event marketing. At a time when your audience is constantly coming across hundreds of ads asking them to sign up for an event, you have to reflect upon how you can grab their attention and convince them to land on your registration page and hit the ‘register’ button.

In our latest editorial piece, we have enlisted some event marketing strategies that you can use to personalise and publish compelling event marketing content for your audience. Observing data from your past events, creating a compelling landing page and creating unique hashtags are some ways to get started. Read on to find out more.

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Event Marketing Strategies You Should Be Considering in 2022 for Better Results

In our latest editorial piece, we take a deep dive on how you can boost event registration through personalised and well-executed event marketing strategies.
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Relying on event data can change the way personalised experiences are created. In this piece, Barbara Palmer, deputy editor of Convene, shares how Megan Finnell, found an alternative way of designing better attendee experiences — one that relies on data rather than assumptions.
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How do you ensure that your attendees have the best experience when watching your event on-demand? In Episode 1 of Event Exchange, we chat with Humphrey Chen, CEO of CLIPr, to know all about turning event recordings into digestible content.
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Reflecting on your past events and analysing areas of improvement is important to make your future events much more engaging and successful. In this post, Aleksandra Panyukhina shares key points on how to look back and analyse your events.

When your speakers are joining virtually, it’s critical to get some of the basics of the presentation right. In his latest post, Merijn van Buuren shares tips for speaker presentation which include a stable internet connection, a plain background, a quality microphone and a camera among other things.
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