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Gevme Weekly                                                                                        Issue 87 | June 2, 2022
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Change is inevitable. The event industry is now stepping into a future that sits on the cusp of varying event formats. There are more choices now than ever before. So, the question is what event format will remain relevant: in-person, virtual, hybrid or even the metaverse?

At Gevme, we believe that it’s all of those and everything in between. Event planners have to be where their audience is and need to deliver experiences that the audience wants. They have to adopt an omnichannel event strategy.

This week, we announced our new all-in-one event platform to power the omnichannel event (r)evolution. This new platform helps organisations streamline the event management processes and grow, engage and monetise their event audience. We’ve talked about this in detail in our latest blog post. Read on to find out more.

An integrated solution for all your event needs. Get started with Gevme.

The New Gevme Platform: Powering the Omnichannel Event (R)Evolution

Learn from our CEO, Veemal Gungadin, about Gevme’s new omnichannel event platform and how this solution will help you deliver meaningful experiences for your audience.
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Event planners are making their in-person meetings much more safe for attendees by providing touchless activations at venues. Experts suggest that these simple offerings help attendees know you care about them. But there’s more to why it matters.
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The right set of event promotion strategies can help you boost event registrations by a significant number. Optimising your registration page, and creating content like infographics, images and videos too can help. Find more strategies in this piece.
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From Gevme
Event technology has developed rapidly to introduce new virtual experiences such as the Metaverse and Extended Reality. But how can event professionals blend virtual and ‘real’ experiences? We found the answer to this in Episode 5 of Event Exchange during our conversation with Joe Gregory, Regional Sales Manager for UK and Ireland at Disguise.
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Ever wondered when the best time to host your event is? Will your audience watch a live stream for more than an hour? Our Virtual Events Benchmark Report 2022 answers these questions and much more to give a deeper insight into how your events perform compared to others.
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Event expert, Julius Solaris, talks about how the recent developments in the event industry and the coming back of in-person events have had the industry split into two. Inflation and recession too now emerge as potential risks to in-person events. What does this tell about the future of events?
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In one of her latest posts, Alexa Martinez talks about how event planners can tap into the five senses to create memorable experiences. Using visual content that appeals to your audience, sound or music that uplifts the mood, and offering useful swag bags are some ways to make your events a delightful experience.
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