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It’s no more of a hush-hush. Finally, after two years of much anticipation, in-person events are back in many parts of the world. Only this time, with so many new trends and technologies disrupting the industry, it’s fair to say that physical events, as we knew them, will no longer be the same.

Attendee behaviour and engagement have been altered over the course of the pandemic. Expectations around event sponsorships have also been reoriented. As a result, event planners have to be more mindful of their physical events now. That’s possible only with the right mix of engagement, content and data — all of which can be facilitated by event technology.

In our latest editorial piece, we have covered some of the most important event technologies that need to be considered when delivering the best event experiences in 2022 and beyond. Be it pre-event communication, personalisation of attendee experience, event matching or engagement, technology cannot be ignored to make the return of in-person events seamless and exciting. Read on to find out more.

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How to Return to In-Person Events Seamlessly With Technology

The excitement to be back at in-person events is evident across many parts of the world. But what are some technologies that event planners should use to make the return to in-person events seamless? Find out the answer to this in our latest editorial piece.

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In-Person Attendance Projected to Increase in the Coming Year

It’s not just event planners who are excited for in-person events coming back, but also attendees who are looking forward to face-to-face meetings. This article highlights how the shift from virtual to physical events is becoming evident in many parts of the world and also discusses how 2022 is shaping up to be a big year for the recovery of in-person events.

Collect the Right Attendee Data to Improve Post-pandemic Events

Understanding how your attendees engage, consume and behave at your event is critical today to deliver more personalised experiences. But what type of research and data should you look into to know more about your audience? This article sheds the light on how you can understand your audience’s pain points, what are their expectations and much more through the power of data.

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GEVME Updates
We Were Featured at the AWS Summit ASEAN

Our CEO Vemmal Gungadin spoke at the AWS Summit ASEAN about GEVME's transformation journey during the pandemic and how we have been powering virtual, hybrid and in-person events for some of the top companies.

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We Just Hosted the GEVME Bootcamp 2022

We invited some of our customers and partners to spend the morning with us where we showcased our latest solutions to equip event professionals with the technology and support they need, as in-person events are coming back. We will also be hosting more sessions on the omnichannel future of the event industry and how their organisations can adapt during this transformation in the upcoming days.

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