Leveraging music to drive engagement
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As much as virtual events have allowed event planners to host events for a global audience, most of us have also realised that sitting in front of the digital screen for hours is no child’s play. Virtual fatigue is real and if the event isn’t entertaining enough, your audience is likely to call it a day.

But you can overcome such challenges by introducing unique activities within your virtual events. This includes music-infused activities that can be super entertaining and valuable to your stakeholders.

To do this, you can hire music experts to deliver some of the event content as songs or musical pieces to your audience. You can even include activities like composing team anthems or team songs along with your virtual guests to break the ice and get more people to participate rather than have them watch the event passively.

In our latest editorial piece, we delve deeper into the unique ways music can help you create valuable entertainment sessions for a virtual audience. Inspired by Episode 7 of Event Exchange, we also talk about how your sponsors can benefit from such activities and what are the future opportunities for entertainment at virtual and hybrid events.

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Boosting Engagement and Preventing Fatigue With Virtual Entertainment

In Episode 7 of Event Exchange, we are joined by Christo Alexander, Senior Executive Director of Planning & Development at SongDivision, to know more about the importance of music-infused engagement activities at virtual events, musical MC & hosts, and how you can get ahead of your competitors and stay relevant post-event.

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