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Maximising engagement opportunities for both virtual and in-person attendees is often complicated at a hybrid event. On one hand, you have to ensure that your virtual attendees have a seamless online experience and feel connected to your event. On the other, your in-person attendees should be able to enjoy coming back to physical events and drive value out of their face-to-face interactions.

In 2022, everyone wants to make the best of their time. And your hybrid event attendees are no different. So, to efficiently engage with your virtual audience, offer a dedicated online support team to ensure they are able to enjoy your event and participate actively.

What’s more, providing networking opportunities with in-person attendees or speakers and keeping them engaged with a virtual emcee is also a great way to enhance engagement.

Networking is an important goal for in-person attendees at your hybrid event. Allow them to do so with event pods, matchmaking or even speed networking activities. Another way to grab their attention is to use immersive technology.

In our latest blog post, we have discussed some more ways you can make your hybrid events engaging. Read on to know more and apply them the next time you host a hybrid event.

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How to Make Hybrid Events Engaging in 2022

It’s not just about live streaming your event or giving swag bags – your hybrid events need much more to grab the attention of your attendees. But given that your audience is present both online and in-person, how do you cater to both of them and make their event experience highly engaging? In this blog post, we tell you how it is done.

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