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Virtual events are booming and it’s getting even more challenging to grab your audience’s attention. These events are not just about obtaining highly-qualified leads, but also about forming deeper bonds with an audience that can be sustained for years.

Previously, virtual events were all about attendees signing in and passively watching speakers talk. Today it’s much more than that. Virtual events are now a critical part of a marketing strategy and to make the best of it, you have to ace every aspect of your event experience.

Right from the registration process to post-event engagement, these touchpoints are the cornerstones to generating results from your virtual event. And to achieve it, you need more than just a plan. What you need are data-driven insights and expert guidance to help you make your virtual events stand out from the crowd.

So to help you get on the right track, we are going to host an event this May covering some of the most unanswered questions that event planners have when it comes to organising virtual events. It will also feature practical tips and recommendations from our event experts to help you win your event strategy.

Registration for our event is now open and we recommend that you save your spot.

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Join us for this virtual event where we’ll uncover opportunities to improve your events. We will present the key insights from our recent ‘Virtual Events Benchmark Report 2022’ where our data science team analysed data from 500+ events powered by GEVME. Our team of experts will also provide you with practical tips to leverage on these insights and generate impressive results with your events.

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