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We are still in the early days of virtual and hybrid events. Best practices and industry standards are yet to be established.

The best way to learn right now is through those who've been in the field. That's why we launched GEVME Studios - the 'Netflix for event professionals'.

Through our shows, we talk to experts from across various industries. We hope to provide event organisers with actionable insights they can take back, apply and refine in their own events. Read on to learn about the new episodes we just released.

This week we also share with you insightful resources and top stories from around the world of virtual event management.

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Our live interactive virtual shows surrounding virtual and hybrid events have been gaining prominence amongst event professionals and agencies. The latest Episode 3 of the Next-Generation Virtual Events series highlighted Shweta Jain's (AWS) experience in leveraging the virtual world. We also had Sheila Berman (She Loves Data) share with us her experiences.

The Virtual Experience Makers series highlights creative folks from different sectors of the creative world trying to experiment with virtual. The latest episode showcased Hossan Leong, a famous Singaporean actor's journey in taking plays online.

Don't worry if you missed any of them, you can now watch them on-demand at any time. We have two ongoing series containing the latest episodes, check out GEVME Studios to know more!
Top Stories
Reimagining Accessibility and Inclusivity in Virtual Music Events

"Casting Light" is a 10-part series that explores the often invisible inequities in contemporary arts spaces. For a very long time, artistic communities were not inclusive of different ethnicities and were closed off to considering minorities. Due to the pandemic and having been forced to use virtual platforms, institutions can now reimagine platforms, to intentionally diversify music experiences. How can we transform our educational and performance spaces in more equitably accessible and equally inclusive ways?
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The Essential Role Communities Could Play in Multi-Hub Events

Multi-hub events may seem like the obvious solution as ongoing restrictions, uncertainty, and sustainability concerns force us to consider smaller, more local events. But the added cost and logistics make scaling the strategy a daunting prospect. Could community-run events be the answer?
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We were in the news
GEVME's CEO, Veemal Gungadin was recently covered by The Edge
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