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2020 saw event tech becoming the backbone of events in the MICE industry. The digital transformation of events meant having to re-think traditional event strategy, in a hurry. But now since virtual and hybrid events have proven to be the lifeline of the events industry, it's time to re-imagine virtual experiences.

We have collected some insights in a compact guide that event agencies can use to help with their transformation story. The Modern Event Agency Guide is a handbook for event agencies to navigate through the path of transformation.

This week we also share with you insightful resources and top stories from around the world of virtual event management.

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📖 SCALE: A Digital Transformation Framework for Event Agencies

Event agencies need to embrace the virtual event revolution in order to stay ahead of the curve. We have put together a comprehensive framework called - The SCALE Framework to help event agencies strategically move towards virtual and hybrid events. Read more about the need for this by clicking on the link below.

Top Stories
Tokyo Olympics 2021: A Win For Immersive Technology?

Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) is pushing the boundaries of Olympic broadcasting by producing 30% more content than in Rio in 2016 and expects to produce 56 live feeds and nearly 9,500 hours of content during the 17-day event running from Friday, 23 July to Sunday, 8th August. What do you think of virtual storytelling that OBS plans on incorporating?
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Virtex Stadium, the First VR Stadium for Esports Launches Soon

The new virtual reality stadium allows fans to watch virtual e-sporting events together with their friends from the centre of the field – an innovation in esports. Esports has become increasingly popular, as VR consumer devices became more affordable and better performing. With its first 'true' VR stadium, Virtex aims to take virtual events and sports up a notch. Would you visit a VR stadium?
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GEVME's CEO, Veemal Gungadin was recently covered by The Edge
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