Top Email Marketing Tactics – Revealed

A new report has discovered the top tactics that email marketers are using when it comes to ensure their messages are getting through to their desired audience – and are having the anticipated effect one opened.

Ascend2 carried out a survey of 518 global marketing and sales decision-makers and found that highest on the list of methods was ‘creating relevant and compelling content’, something 80 per cent of marketers have used in the recent past.

Next came personalization of email content, used by 72 per cent, followed by segmentation, which has been employed by 61 per cent of respondents.

Also featuring on the list of tactics was integrating email with other channels (55 per cent), generating engagement via social media and testing email messaging (both scoring 42 per cent).

The poll also asked marketers about which tactics have proven to be the most effective for achieving their objectives. More than half said it is successfully creating relevant, engaging content that sealed the deal for them, while 15 per cent reported it was personalization and the same proportion selected segmentation.

Tellingly though, most survey respondents said coming up with clever, relevant content was the most difficult tactic to execute, while 11 per cent admitted they found it hard to segment and ten per cent thought personalization was difficult.

Indeed, only 17 per cent of marketers rated their email marketing initiatives as ‘very successful’.

In addition, improved data visualization (41%) and mobile capabilities (36%) ranks top on the wishlist in terms of software improvements that they would like to see.


If you have an event to organize and market this spring or summer, how can you ensure your emails are getting the desired message through to your audiences? How can you use these tactics to help you – and make them even better? We have some top tips below, so read on.

1) Content relevancy

The best way to target your would-be event attendees effectively is to check that the content you send out is relevant – and this means mapping your content to segmented list. For example, if you are having an event comprising multiple tracks such as digital marketing and enterprise mobility, you might be segmenting your audience into marketers and IT professionals, before sending custom content to the segmented list.

2) Email personalization

Following on from the idea of targeted content is email personalization. You need to ensure the message within each email is tailored to its recipients. Addressing email recipients by first name and creating content meant for their organisation and industry would help to personalize the content to better fit the profile of the email recipient.

3) List segmentation

This maps to the first and second point, where personalisation and relevancy is all about segmentation. Plan your segmentation based on your content and event so that they are delivered to the right people in the right tonality.

4) Plan your Funnel

If you are driving registration for events based on email marketing, you can do funnel projection based on database size, open-rate, click-through rate and resulting registrations. Plan your funnel and increase the conversion rate using the first 3 methods at each step. Look at database expansion through list purchases if you need to expand your top-of-the-funnel.


Email marketing is now made easier with the advancement of technology so adopting the above steps should be a breeze with neater user interfaces and ease of use of the latest email marketing software in the market.