Onsite Check-in Capabilities for Corporate Events

Whether it’s a conference or a trade fair, most types of corporate events rely on technologies that help reduce wait times and eliminate hardware errors on the ground. As one of the principal stages of an event lifecycle, onsite check-in has the power to shape the mood of the event’s attendees. So if you want to see smiling faces, you need to ensure everything runs smoothly in the check-in area. How do you find the technology that caters to your corporate event needs? What features should you focus on? And how do you organise the process? Read on to learn the answers.

What is an onsite check-in system?

Catered to the size and format of your corporate event, a platform for onsite check-in is a set of tools that event organisers employ to optimise attendees’ registration on the ground. From the selection of equipment to staff training, the facilitation of onsite check-in for corporate events is a multi-step process. To ensure nothing gets lost in the shuffle, event organisers often rely on the support of tech vendors that build the process from start to finish. The journey usually involves an evaluation of the event’s size, integration of the registration process with automated check-in, designation of custom check-in setups, and much more.

Why is onsite event check-in important at corporate events?

“Why do you even need to register people for a corporate event if organisers know everyone personally?” This is the most common question you may hear about onsite check-in. The short answer is that onsite registration represents the first touchpoint and sets the direction for event attendance experiences. Therefore, you need to ensure your event makes a perfect first impression. Check out our short list of reasons why you need a solution for check-in on the ground:

  • Capture the data of potential clients or partners. It’s at corporate events like product launches, conferences, and large exhibitions where some of the most successful business partnerships are made. Therefore, if you invite external guests to your event, capturing their data through onsite check-in might be a great way to extend your database, increase ROI, and boost company recognition.

Capture the data of potential clients or partners.

  • Derive valuable insights. Another great thing about onsite check-in is that it can be tied to analytics. This allows you to generate custom reports based on registrations and attendance to better understand the formula for your event’s success.
  • Assign seats and provide different levels of access. If you use invitations with assigned seats, the system of badge colour coding and smart check-in will help you personalise attendance experiences. What’s more, through check-in technology, you can easily solve such problems as lost invitations and last-minute seat changes.
  • Make it look professional. The big picture matters. Features like onsite check-in and smart badge printing, as well as a chance to expand networking opportunities through apps, can be great mood boosters for your guests, even if the event is focused only on internal staff.

Onsite event check-in capabilities

Onsite event check-in

To create excellent onsite event experiences, you need functionality packages that are the right match for your corporate meetings. Get acquainted with the major onsite event registration tools to understand how your events can benefit:

  1. Accelerated check-in and registration. With the support of a reliable onsite team, you can plan the logistics, choose the right check-in equipment, and get staffing recommendations. This facilitates simplified registration on the ground with the help of pre-printed QR codes or via mobile devices.
  2. Multi-device setups. From self-service kiosks to custom hardware sets for pre-registration, there’s a way to facilitate efficient onsite check-in for both small conferences and multi-day trade fairs.
  3. On-demand badge printing. Connect your onsite check-in devices to printers, and say goodbye to badge-laden tables on the big day.
  4. Smart badges. Customise name badges based on guests’ profiles, and reflect attendance categories through colour code technology. This will help create efficient networking opportunities for attendees.
  5. Attendee tracking. Understand the attendee journey using smart tracking technology like passive RFID, handheld, and more. Generate reports based on session attendance, traffic patterns, and floor visits.
  6. Lead capture and retrieval. Simplify the process of finding leads for exhibitors at events by giving them one mobile tool for quick scanning, qualifying, and retrieval.

How does it work?

With a reliable event tech partner, you can get your onsite set for efficient check-in in a box. Here’s how the process should be organised:

  • Get a personalised tech consultation
  • Receive staffing recommendations and gather manpower
  • Plan logistics and create a custom onsite layout
  • Utilise the best event check-in app
  • Execute staff training
  • Track the progress of onsite check-in in real time

The best onsite check-in solutions for corporate events

Onsite check-in at corporate events will run smoothly if you choose a tech partner that can keep things under control. Here are the top three event management software packages that offer advanced solutions for optimising check-in:

GEVME Onsite. Part of the integrated suite of GEVME apps, GEVME Onsite is a toolkit of services like self-registration, on-demand badge printing, and advanced lead attendee tracking. If you’re looking for smart integration of onsite solutions, this software may be the right choice for you.

EventsCase. This is a good solution in terms of data syncing. The app syncs the data with your contact database in no time and facilitates simplified check-in of pre-registered attendees. The system works offline, which can be a lifesaver in the event of unexpected network breaches.

Eventleaf. Eventleaf is a free onsite event check-in software solution that embraces badge printing, onsite registration, and automated e-ticket scanning. The key benefit of Eventleaf is that it supports a kiosk mode that excludes the need to use any hardware.


The key advantage of facilitating onsite registration for corporate events is the opportunity to track attendance in real time, capturing valuable data that can help you improve in the

future. With reliable onsite check-in software, you can accelerate registration on the ground, organise smart badge printing, and facilitate networking.