5 Best Social Media Platforms for Events

We live in a world that’s obsessed with social media, and with many of us regularly logging into our social media accounts, more and more businesses are making the move online in hot pursuit of their target demographic. From building relationships with online users to encouraging clients to get involved with upcoming events and exhibitions, interacting with social network users is one of the most effective low-cost marketing strategies out there. 

Today, we’re exploring how both the market-leaders and the lesser-known social media channels are providing the perfect platform for generating interest ahead of – and during – a business event. By maximising your online presence with these 5 top social media tools, your event will soon be full with attendees – meaning the only thing that’ll be left to do is encourage passing foot traffic to your stand with eye-catching quad posters, unmissable offers and a friendly team.

1. Facebook

As the world’s largest social networking site, Facebook is a must for any business that’s seeking social media success. Logging onto this market-leading site means you’ll gain instant access to their 1.71 billion monthly active users – so spreading the word about your upcoming event really couldn’t be easier! As well as sharing relevant photos and videos on your page, creating a buzz around your upcoming event is simple with Facebook’s event feature. Invite your followers to click ‘attending’ ahead of the day and your online presence could soon go viral – which will only encourage potential clients to attend the event.

2. Twitter

Twitter’s 140 character limit for each post means that this social media platform is all about short and snappy headlines – so spread the word with a catchy memorable message. From sharing photographs of your exhibition stand ahead of the event to sending tweets to relevant businesses and brands, generating interest is all about communicating the right kind of content to your demographic. Use Twitter’s trending service to go viral online and you could soon see your ‘followers’ soar – just add a memorable hashtag to your posts and encourage others to #spreadtheword.

3. Snapchat

gevme camera capture event

When Snapchat first burst onto the scene, the app allowed users to send photos and videos to others for short period of time before they were deleted forever. As it became more and more popular, Snapchat developed the Snapchat Story feature, changing the way that the online world broadcasts their news. Sharing photos and videos for just 24 hours on Snapchat means all your followers can instantly find out about what your business is up to – meaning you can create a buzz about your upcoming event and give them the inside scoop.

4. Periscope

This live video streaming app may be relatively new on the social media market, but there’s no doubt that this app is headed for success. Unlike Snapchat, Periscope allows users to send live videos to others either directly or publicly. With the option of saving the video or deleting the

‘scope’ after 24 hours, this up and coming video streaming service is certainly one to watch. Broadcasting the success of the day with live streaming means even non-attendees can get in on the action, potentially resulting in more foot traffic to your stand at the next event.

5. LinkedIn

For a business that’s looking to connect with its niche market, logging onto LinkedIn is a must. As the world’s largest professional network, users can instantly access the 400 million+ members and start their online relationship. Whether it’s networking with potential clients or engaging with relevant brands and businesses, this employment-orientated site is an ideal place for building relationships with others in the industry. For business events, improve the attendance for your upcoming exhibitions by creating an online events page on LinkedIn to ensure you’re attracting a relevant demographic.

With so many of us accessing social media on a daily basis, making the move online is vital for any business owner. These low-cost marketing techniques mean you can quickly build a strong brand identity and build relationships with potential clients – as well as ensuring that your upcoming event is buzzing with attendees.

Author bio: Siobhan Scott is a Marketing Executive at shop4pop.com. With over 40 years’ experience creating and producing full event and retail campaigns for large national clients in a variety of industries, they’ve been able to transfer their expertise from Simpson Group to the new web-to-print website – shop4pop.com.

Twitter: @shop4pop