ALB China Debt Restructuring Forum 2020 ALB中国债务重组论坛

Thu, 10 Dec, 2020, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM (GMT+8)


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Welcome to ALB China Debt Restructuring Forum 2020
欢迎来到2020 ALB中国债务重组论坛!

 10 December 2020   
Registration: 8.30am to 9.00am
Event: 9.00am to 5.00pm
Venue: TBC, Beijing

Event Overview
With the slowdown of world economy and the restructuring of China’s economy, Chinese enterprises are facing increasingly complex external environment and such other more severe challenges as economic transformation and production reform. When an enterprise is stuck into debt distress due to problems such as improper governance structure or poor management, creditors and debtors need to rely on the legal professionals to correctly and effectively make use of debt restructuring and other means to maximize the protection of their respective interests. At the same time, in the context of economic globalization and China's promotion of the “Belt and Road” international cooperation, more and more Chinese companies choose to raise funds or go public overseas, and cross-border investment and cross-border transactions are becoming more frequent. It often involves cross-border insolvency and debt restructuring when the debt crisis occurs. Creditors and debtors face more complex issues, and urgently need legal and related professionals who are proficient in the rules and procedures of insolvency and debt restructuring to provide professional services. 

Asian Legal Business (ALB) of Thomson Reuters will host the 2020 ALB China Debt Restructuring Forum in Beijing on December 10. This forum will bring together legal experts from Asia to discuss the trend and development in debt restructuring. This forum will link Chinese companies with professionals of Asia whereby legal experts will share their experiences and best practices in dealing with debt restructuring and corporate debt dilemmas, and provide in-depth insights and practical advices for the professionals in restructuring and insolvency.

 Target Audience
  • Restructuring and Insolvency Lawyers
  • Creditors / Insolvency Practitioners
  • Accounting Firms / Advisory Firms / Auditing Firms
  • Capital Providers / Investors
  • Debtors / Distressed Firms
  • In-House Counsel / Chief Legal Officers

Benefits of Attending
  • Understand the latest regulatory and legal changes governing restructuring and insolvency matters in China and other different jurisdictions
  • Harness the enforcement rights, payment priorities, and adequate protection for creditors
  • Grab the essential negotiation strategies between debtors and creditors before court proceedings
  • Navigate divergent interests, recovering and transforming post-restructuring
  • Engage to learn creative solutions from leading restructuring and insolvency practitioners
  • Seize opportunities in rescue and distress financing for lenders and white knights
  • Special situations, stressed and distressed investing opportunities in Asia – translating legal differences into opportunities
汤森路透《亚洲法律杂志》(ALB)将于12月10日在北京召开2020 ALB中国债务重组论坛,这一论坛将邀请和汇集来自亚洲的法律专家共同讨论债务重组的趋势和发展。此论坛联接中国企业与亚洲的专业法律人士,法律实务专家们将分享他们在应对债务重组、解决企业债务困境等方面的经验和最佳实践,为中国的企业法务团队和相关从业人员提供深入的见解和切实可行的建议。
  • 破产和重组律师
  • 债权人、破产事务专员、破产从业人员
  • 会计师事务所、咨询公司、审计公司
  • 投资人
  • 债务人、困境企业
  • 公司法务、首席法务官、企业总法律顾问

  • 获知中国和其他不同司法管辖区关于重组和破产事项的最新监管和法律政策
  • 获取实务专家应对债务重组、解决企业债务困境等方面的经验和最佳实践
  • 了解掌握取回权、优先受偿权等对债权人的充分保护
  • 在法院审理前掌握债务人和债权人之间的基本谈判策略
  • 了解债务重组、破产及和解、重整与清算、债券等金融产品违约应对、不良资产与特殊机会投资等方面的运作和实践经验
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