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Sunday / December 16.

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How to Plan an Event Step by Step

How to Plan an Event Step by Step

Have you ever wondered how your favorite writer manages to keep his muse nearby and create that big pile of stunning pages that you read voraciously? No big secrets here, my friend.

He just sits there and writes. The same applies for event organizing. If you have a new event on your plate and don’t know from which side to approach it, just take your fork and knife, sit comfortably and start this tasty adventure.

Why should you plan an event?

Just like brevity is the sister of talent, planning is definitely akin to effective event planning. If you don’t want any hustle/bustle experiences, queues at the check-in corner, someone placing the buffet in a wrong place, and not knowing what to do about it, simply purchase a notebook and have all the key processes ticked off on the paper.

The planning process that gives birth to top notch management of events involves three rules. To reach success with the core event management planning steps, stick to this framework:

  • No pressure. Just calm brainstorming, create a vision of what you want to achieve with this event.
  • Give it structure. Outline all aspects you need to work on and get the perfect skyline with the stars you’ll have to light up for a great event!
  • Connect the dots. Talk to everyone, whose help you need. Have all technical issues solved. This way, your stars won’t stop shining brightly at the most responsible moment!

10 steps to planning your event: Paving the way to the clear sky

Here are the key steps to planning a successful event:

#1. No rock and roll without a goal

We certainly wouldn’t be the first to say: “don’t you dare start your planning of an event without setting a goal.” This golden rule is a must for those who want to have a great start and even a greater closure for the event. To simplify the process, split the objectives into categories. This way, you’ll be able to approach several issues all at once.

In case you get lost on the way to your target, look through the tips on SMART goal setting.

#2. Organize a team

Shared tasks are easier tasks. Don’t hesitate to assign responsibilities to your team members. Our suggestion is to outline the key aspects that have to be attended to like entertainment, venue management, sponsors. Also, make someone from the team responsible for each of them. Indeed, if everyone strives to be the best piece of the puzzle, imagine what a gorgeous picture you’ll get in the end!

#3. Become a timing maestro

You have to make friends with a calendar if you want to escape schedule shifting and holdbacks. Give yourself enough time for preparation and getting everything settled. Set deadlines to better enable team performance and let the countdown begin!

#4. Brand your event

Out of all stages of event planning, this one is, obviously, super important for your client. To enable high brand recognition, you have to make it stand out. Start from brainstorming your crazy ideas. Capture them in all flavors and colors and then think what will match the theme of your event in the best way.

NB: The most memorable aspects of your show should be a tagline and logo. That’s what really counts. That’s what you have to do perfectly.

#5. Every master needs a master plan

Build your own event planning manual from scratch, by establishing a working solution (plus a backup solution) for the venue/registration/entertainment/promotion/volunteer management and another relevant aspect. Again, don’t forget to double check whether you have at least one dedicated team member standing behind each of these spheres of responsibility. Treat your business plan for an event as a guide through seamless attendee engagement!

#6. Rule and govern

To do event planning, you have to be a manager with a thousand vigilant eyes, don’t you? Unless you have a reliable assistant to simplify your administrative tasks. Consider using an online software to simplify event planning processes like payments, contact list integration, reporting, registration, etc. Minimization of technical work gives you a space for creativity. If you want to learn about the other 8 aspects of the event lifecycle, check it out here.

#7. Establish partnerships & sponsors

Identify corporate partners and community organizations that could provide you with assistance for making progressive steps in planning an event. Think of each solution imaginable: from the venue rent to volunteer help. Also, don’t forget to identify how your sponsors can benefit from supporting you to boost engagement.

#8. Make a publicity plan

Even if your event is well-recognized, don’t rely on the word of mouth alone. Start with an announcement notice on the website and stay connected up to the post-event “thank you.”

#9. Budget it

One of the most hard-to-ignore stages of planning an event is aligning your needs with the real budget you have. To handle it wisely, think of any sources of external funding from sponsorships first and then assign the realistic cost to the rest of the items.

#10. Determine evaluation process

The last aspect on the list of steps for event planning (which is, actually, not last): establish a working system to monitor your success. This process has to be done on the stage of goal setting. Make sure your progress is scalable!

Top 5 event planning tips

To get the best of your event organization, add these 5 tips to your planning strategy and see where they can take you!


No matter what’s going on in your head. No matter how many glasses a waiter has already broken. As an event planner, you set the tone for the overall atmosphere. This means: if you stay positive and calm, there’ll be no place for anxiety onsite! Not to mention that only by keeping a cool head, you’re able to find a logical solution to any problem.


It doesn’t really matter how serious the topic of your event is. A bit of fun is always big plus  From all the experienced event planners of the world: don’t skip the entertainment part.


How about a home assignment for your attendees? People want to contribute. If you know this secret, you can make the whole audience super excited about coming to the event. Just give them a task before the event. Purposeful events always attract more attention.


Take good care of the speaking portion. There’s nothing that could impress more than engaging rhetoric. If you have a couple of stunning speakers at the event, the latter will be very hard to ruin.


Gatsby shows will never go out of style. To plan an event that’s a pure pleasure for attendees, make good use of lighting techniques, work on the musical accompaniment and other mood boosters. Impress your guests!

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