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Saturday / December 5.

The Latest Event Industry Insights

Are you thinking of selling merchandise at your next event? Not only this will give you the capacity to create some promotional buzz around your event but you are also looking at a great opportunity to increase your revenue. Typically, conventions, festivals, concerts, and other consumer events are packed with a remarkable range of merchandise, including the sale of food and beverage.

2015 has gone down as the hottest year since the beginning of modern record keeping in 1880. You know this and your company knows this. So as good and interested global citizens with high standards of Corporate Social Responsibility, of course you want your event to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. Here are three things to consider in order to make that a reality.

You’ve got your official page and social media — Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — in place. However, the event’s web traffic is still not as high as you would like it to be! Well, just setting up these platforms aren’t enough to make people click through from links, follow you on social media, or even search for your website. Content is king, and you need to provide incentives to encourage online traffic. Here are 5 tips for driving online traffic to your events by leveraging on quality content:

First-time visitors don’t always convert and purchase on the get go. Tech-savvy users nowadays prefer to research and make comparisons in order to make smart purchases. However, how do you get these users to remember you and come back to seal the deal? The answer is event remarketing. Tapping into potential customers who have visited your web page, event remarketing comes in the form of ads and reminders to convince your target audience to purchase tickets and attend your event. Here are 5 digital platforms that will help you make powerful second impression.