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Wednesday / September 23.

The Latest Event Industry Insights

The number of attendees will either make or break an event. That is why we as event organisers have to spend a great deal of our effort on event marketing, which starts with event landing page design inspiration. There is no better place than a well-designed event landing page to tell your audience exactly why they should come to your event and what value they will get from attending.

As I have harped about in my previous articles, an event is more than just an event. Your attendees are more than just your guests and potential clients or partners – they are, for that event at least, your audience. And like every audience, they are waiting to be entertained. Here are some ways you can take your attendees on an emotional journey and have them sold on your event.

Fancy a marvelous venue for your event but finally give up the wish after thinking about your budget? We feel you. We event organizers are constantly dealing with distributing resources wisely. The event venue often takes up 40-60% of the total event budget. You will either burn all your money choosing a too expensive hotel, or end up being slammed for choosing a lousy aka worse-than-expected place. Really? Nah. Actually, there are frugal (not cheap) options out there that will just save your life. Let’s discover the following 5 inexpensive event venue ideas!