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Thursday / January 21.

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Modern Take on Event Landing Page Design

Modern Take on Event Landing Page Design

The job of a landing page is to provide information in the shortest possible time. If we overload the page with information, we risk scaring off visitors. Therefore, when developing a one-page website, it is essential to remember that our primary goal is to grab the visitor’s attention at first glance and call him/her to action.

The landing page is a great way to announce a future event, highlight its key points, and attract an audience in a short time. We offer a selection of event landing page design inspiration ideas and the most appealing, exciting, and well-designed landing pages for various events.

Best event landing page design tips

Before you start developing the best conference landing pages, draw a prototype. This is a schematic layout of text blocks and images.

Make a few sketches, discuss them in a working group, choose the best solutions, and combine them in the final version. Once you’ve developed a sketch outline, it will be easier to build a website on any platform.

Here’s a list of valuable recommendations for developing event landing page design:


  • The title of the landing page design for events should correspond to the message of the advertising campaign.


  • Place the call to action button at the top right of the site.


  • Do not list all artists/speakers on the first screen. Highlight a few of them (but no more than three), for example by placing a slider of three alternating images with photos of the headliners.
  • Use attention-grabbing photos to appeal to visitors’ emotions and draw attention to the event.
  • Create simple but catchy text that briefly describes the features of the event.




Position the information according to level of significance. For example:

  1. Catchy headline
  2. Event name
  3. Call to action button
  4. Headliners
  5. Location
  6. Additional information (about the project, partners, how to get there, examples of event registration pages) should be located to the right of the slider and not in the header of the site.
    • Don’t use complex and ambiguous sentences to create text for content. Describe the project as simply as possible and don’t use obscure phrases. Write briefly but emotionally.
    • Constantly test the page. Before publishing, check whether all the photos have meaningful names (not “helper.jpeg”) and whether the links work (call to action, go to the organiser’s website, active social network icons, etc.).
    • Check for the key elements of good design.
    • Adjust design elements and make sure that there is no information overload.
    • Don’t add too much additional information. Users might get carried away reading and never go to the action.
    • Include a variety of content: interviews, clips, photos. Create a sense of life. It is crucial that visitors get a sense of the event’s atmosphere in advance.
    • Don’t forget to set up and test the mobile version of the site.
    • Use a website builder.


  • Use successful event landing page design templates.


An effective website provides crucial information about the event. The visitor’s perception is managed using color, modern design, and short informative headlines.

Landing page designs 2018

There are a few design trends that we cannot help but admire in the realm of event organization. The following are highly successful event landing page design examples, all of which effectively stimulate visitor online registration.

Landing page for the event

This is an impressive landing page, captivating visitors with an engaging opener and witty humour, and incorporating beautiful flat design, a parallax effect, and animation. Its creators cleverly address visitors’ potential objections with the help of a chain of ironic yet serious short polls.

Event Landing page

Each mini-survey contains two options for actions that are humorously animated and voiced. With their help, the visitor is motivated to sign a petition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to save the Earth. This is facilitated by a large number of catchy, high-quality videos, explicitly shot for landing.

Event Landing Page

The landing announcing the Fifth Annual Conference for Designers and Developers in San Diego:

Event Landing Page


There are lots of resources available to create landing page designs that convert. The choice of the platform depends on your goals: urgency, uniqueness of design, financial capabilities, etc. But this doesn’t mean that other designers are bad or don’t deserve your attention. Just look for those that are suitable for your event. It doesn’t matter which design you choose, the main thing is that your site must interest visitors and motivate them to take the necessary action.

Use GEVME to boost the conversion rate of your event and give you extra inspiration for your event landing page design.

If you have any comments, please leave them below. Good luck!

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