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Thursday / January 28.

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How Your Departments Can Follow PDPA in Singapore

Have all departments learn about the obligations under the PDPA

Making sure that you are compliant with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in Singapore as an individual isn’t so difficult once you’ve set the necessary infrastructure in place. What if you have different departments in your company that also have to follow these obligations as well due to the nature of their function?

Let’s look at the three steps required to ensure these obligations are adhered to across your company where it’s relevant.

1. Have Key Personnel Study the Obligations of the PDPA

Start by sharing the 9 Obligations of the PDPA with the heads of each department and have them study what is required to ensure compliance with the personal data protection act within their own scope of work. In case you’ve forgotten, the nine obligations are:

  1. Consent Obligation
  2. Purpose Limitation Obligation
  3. Notification Obligation
  4. Access & Correction Obligation
  5. Accuracy Obligation
  6. Protection Obligation
  7. Retention Limitation Obligation
  8. Transfer Limitation Obligation
  9. Openness Obligation

Once your key personnel know the obligations by heart and have implemented the necessary practices within their workflow, you can rest assured that your company is compliant.

2. Enforce Compliance Within the Workplace

Your department heads may not be enough to implement full compliance within the company. The next best option is for you or upper management to enforce PDPA compliance. This way, all workflows across teams are expected to have the necessary information and structures in place to ensure your client’s personal data is protected.

3. Use a PDPA Compliant Software for Your Events in Singapore

One final step to keep your events safe and compliant with the PDPA — use an events management software like GEVME that has the Personal Data Protection Act at its core. Rest easy knowing any information captured through the software is compliant with the obligations and is stored away safely on the right servers. Both you and your client will never have to worry about data safety ever again.

Learn how GEVME complies with the PDPA to give you and your event attendees a peace of mind.

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