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Tuesday / October 27.

The Latest Event Industry Insights

Nothing else can make your event attendees more frustrated than a bad onsite event experience. For those who are wondering about the term, the ideal “onsite experience” ensures attendees feel welcome and taken care of at the very first moment they arrive at the event venue – and first impressions are, as the cliché goes, everything. The onsite experience can set the right tone for the entire event, or be a party pooper.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), simply put, is a branch of computer science that develops computers that can perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence. When people think of AI, robots that can think like humans (and might want to destroy humanity) often come to mind due to the prevalence of sci-fi movies such as The Terminator, I, Robot and Avengers: Age of Ultron. However, most AI researchers are focused less on producing humanoid robots and more on developing intelligent systems that make people’s lives easier (or not). Read on to find out how emergent AI is having a huge impact on our society and whether we are ready for it.

With four global major sporting events taking place this year, 2016 will be spectacular for sports fans.

Event professionals, take this unique opportunity to include “attending one of the greatest sporting events in the world” in your bucket list, and experience a huge sporting event happening in real time. Surely you will be able to learn a thing or two for your profession!

Without further ado, let us take a peek at the top 5 five sporting events to look forward to in 2016.