WiT Travel Roadshow, Episode 2

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Episode 2: BC, Global. DC, Local. AC, Which Way Forward?

BC (Before Covid), we lived in an open, global world where travel connected 1.46 billion of us in 2019. DC (During Covid), looking at the UNWTO Tourism Recovery Tracker, as of December 2020, international tourist arrivals dropped by 74%. DC, the world went local, and the impact will be felt deeply in the AC (After Covid) era. What happened to global brands which depended on cross-border travel? What has happened to travel unicorns and their dreams of global network effect? What will happen to local tourism businesses which built for a global world? How do we build stronger local roots, bring back global, and build back better? View programme → 

About WiT Travel Roadshow

In times of such uncertainty, clarity is needed to get us through 2021, and with so much out of our control, we need to create our own clarity within our community. This will be a safe, neutral and open “campfire” around which like-minded travel folks can gather regularly to chart new trends, exchange ideas, share lessons and forge a sense of camaraderie, as well as provide practical road signs to help us get through 2021. View website →