World Cities Summit 2022

31 Jul - 3 Aug, 2022

Marina Bay Sands

Bayfront Avenue, Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore

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How do cities remain liveable, sustainable, and more resilient in these trying, unsettling times of pandemic and climate change? 

WCS 2022 seeks to address this with its theme of Liveable and Sustainable Cities: Emerging Stronger. The Summit is a convening point for global mayors, business leaders and knowledge experts to exchange and co-create city solutions for liveable and sustainable cities, and will engage cities, businesses and experts at the highest levels to discuss how cities can emerge stronger through prolonged and unpredictable disruptions. 

This 8th edition of WCS will be an in-person conference. The 4-day event will comprise the main conference, which includes plenaries and tracks, and other key events such as the Lee Kuan Yew World Prize Lecture, Award Ceremony and Banquet, WCS Mayors Forum, WCS Young Leaders Symposium, and an expo. 

This year, the Summit will also see the inaugural in-person WCS Smart Cities Workshop, following the success of the virtual edition in 2021. WCS sessions, networking, physically co-located events and partner events will also take place at the Summit, organised by partners and sponsors.

Through the plenaries and tracks of the main conference, delegates will engage with the theme on how cities can emerge stronger from contemporary disruptions across five tracks: Sustainable Financing, Smart Cities, Development and Planning, Urban Resilience and Liveable Future Cities.

For more details, please read our conference Concept Note here.

WCS Plenary (ES)
Liveable & Sustainable Cities: Emerging Stronger
The ongoing pandemic, crises triggered by climate change and digital disruptions have intensified both the challenges and opportunities for creating more liveable and sustainable cities. In this plenary, global leaders share their visions and strategies for how our cities can emerge stronger.
This session includes a WCS 2022 Opening Address, a high-level panel discussion, audience Q&A and a Special Address.
WCS Plenary (CC)
Liveable & Sustainable Cities: Combating the Climate Crisis 
Cities are at the heart of the climate crisis. They generate over 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions and are especially vulnerable to climate risks, but are also home to the innovations and resources needed to address the climate crisis. How can cities do better and faster, for the future of our planet?
This session includes a panel discussion, followed by an audience Q&A, and a closing keynote.
::: Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize Lecture and Forum:::
Delivered by the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize Laureate, the Prize Lecture celebrates the Laureate’s achievements in the creation of liveable, vibrant, and sustainable urban communities with a high quality of life. The Prize Forum features the Special Mention cities, who will share their urban development experiences, highlighting their unique contexts, challenges faced, and urban solutions deployed.

::: WCS TRACKS :::
WCS tracks are thematic sessions that involve keynote addresses, panel discussions and audience Q&A.

Sustainable Financing: A New Normal?
Sustainable financing of cities calls for an integrated and systemic approach to how urban projects are funded. This requires us to holistically consider pertinent, inter-linked issues including ESG, resilience, and climate change, beyond the technicalities of infrastructure financing. This track shares insights from the ecosystem of stakeholders including city leaders, developers, financiers and international organisations.
How Can Partnerships Transform the Development of Cities?
Cities are increasingly divided along social and economic lines. The spatial separation of different groups threatens cohesion and even growth. How can collaborations between urban planners and the real estate industry better address this? This track seeks synergies across the value chain, harnessing all-of-society approaches to build better cities for people.
Smart City Priorities: What’s Next?
COVID-19 is an opportunity to reinvent cities. The pandemic has accelerated digitalisation and strengthened the case for smart cities, but it has also surfaced concerns ranging from data security to digital inclusion. How will our smart city priorities change as we prepare for the next disruption?

Cities Facing Extremes: How Do We Adapt?
50oC heat waves, 1-in-100 year storms and prolonged droughts are just some of the extreme events projected to impact cities more frequently as the world heats up. Understanding the interplay of disruptions in our cities is key to adapting for greater resilience. How can cities do this?

What Does the Future Hold for Cities?
Before COVID-19, cities were widely acknowledged as engines of growth and innovation, with increasing influence on the global stage vis-à-vis states. How has COVID-19 impacted the liveability, and the future of cities?

Key highlights of the World Cities Summit
  • Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize: Inaugurated in 2010 and named after Singapore’s first Prime Minister, the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize is a biennial international award that honours outstanding achievements and contributions to the creation of liveable, vibrant and sustainable urban communities around the world.
  • WCS Mayors Forum: The WCS Mayors Forum is an exclusive, by-invitation-only, global platform for mayors and city leaders to discuss pressing urban challenges and share best practices. WCS Mayors Forum 2022 will comprise a lunch programme and the Mayors Forum roundtable in the afternoon.
  • WCS Young Leaders Symposium: WCS Young Leaders are select change-makers from diverse sectors who shape the global urban agenda at the annual WCS Young Leaders Symposium.
  • WCS Smart Cities Workshop: The inaugural physical WCS Smart Cities Workshop will be held as part of the World Cities Summit 2022 on 31 July 2022. It aims to matchmake smart city projects with potential technological solution providers and funders through deep dive clinics.
  • Plenaries: Insights sharing by high-level speakers from governments, international organisations and industry sectors on cross-disciplinary policies, management strategies and solutions.
  • Tracks: City leaders and practitioners share and discuss case studies and best practices. This takes place across five themes – Smart Cities, Urban Resilience, Sustainable Financing, Planning and Development and Liveable Future Cities.
  • WCS Sessions: WCS Sessions are curated by our partners and add depth and range to the Summit in the form of deep-dives into how cities can emerge stronger from disruptions across different topics.
  • Co-Located Events (in-person) and Virtual Partner Events: Physical Co-Located Events and Virtual Partner Events are organised by our partners and can range from closed door meetings and workshops to public lectures and webinars. These complement the main programme of the WCS.
  • Exhibition: WCS provides a platform for cities, corporations and business associations to showcase their innovations through expo booths and pavilions. Key highlights include the Singapore Pavilion and booths by the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize 2020 laureate and top-tier sponsors.
  • Delayed Telecast and Virtual Programme: A telecast of our physical events will be played on our virtual conference platform from 10 – 19 August 2022, along with original curated virtual content such as Special Addresses, Spotlights and Virtual Site Visits.

WCS 2018: Key statistics
  • WCS 2018 saw the attendance of 133 mayors and city leaders from 128 cities, and the signing of 16 Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) and agreements. Over 1,800 senior level delegates attended the event from the government (50%), industry (34%), IO & NGO (8%) and academia (8%); across Asia (80.7%), Europe (8.6%), Oceania (3.3%), North America (2.8%), Africa (2.6%), Middle East (1.5%), and Latin America (0.5%).
  • The event received global media coverage, at an Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) of S$10.5 million. 70% of the reports were published on international media platforms, 60% of the media coverage featured mayors and speakers, and 17% of media coverage featured WCS sponsors and MOU signings. In addition, our hashtag #WCSSG2018 was trending on Twitter.

WCS 2021: Key statistics
  • WCS 2021 comprised a hybrid event from 21 – 23 June, and webinars from July to November, and convened over 4,700 delegates from 566 cities. Over 1,100 senior level delegates attended the event from the public sector (41%), private sector (37%) and the sectors such as from international and nongovernmental organisations and media (22%). 39% of our audience were overseas delegates.