SIWW Technology and Innovation Summit 2015 Media Registration

16 - 17 Jun, 2015
One Farrer Hotel, Singapore

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About the Summit:
STIS is the first by-invitation summit in Singapore focusing on water innovation and technology. It will bring together approximately 250-300 senior delegates from water and wastewater utilities, industrial water users, solution providers, research institutes, international organisations, investors and technology multipliers to develop a global blueprint for water solutions. STIS will identify priority research areas to address challenges in the municipal and industrial water sectors.
STIS aims to develop consensus among global water experts on:
  • Identifying key drivers for innovation
  • Identifying priority research areas
  • Approaches to overcoming barriers to innovation
Solutions for municipal and industrial needs in a global blueprint:
  • Key drivers for innovation
  • Priority ranking of research areas / technology focus areas (TFAs)
  • Approaches for promoting innovation in organisations
  • Approaches for risk management
  • Financing and business models to reduce barriers

SIWW Technology and Innovation Summit 2015 Media Registration

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